According to the ELD Mandate, the FMCSA will require all drivers currently keeping a record of duty status (RODS) to implement ELD use by the February of 2018. This new legislation has forced truck owners to pick up their pens and calculate the inevitable expenditure of purchasing an ELD. It’s important to invest time in reviewing ELDs before you purchase so that you don’t end up with a mediocre product and an empty wallet. We’ve outlined the four major factors to consider before you purchase:

Minimum Initial Cost
To invest a lot of money in a product right from the start can be detrimental to your finances. There are many options for purchasing and leasing ELDs and the price range is significant with some companies like KeepTruckin offering ELDs for as low as $20/month. Leasing an ELD has multiple benefits –not only does it require less initial investment, but it also allows drivers and owners to change providers if they are unsatisfied with minimal cost.  Remember to get a price outline from your ELD provider, including installment costs before you purchase.

Functional Benefits
In addition to the required log keeping, some ELDs  provide additional services like GPS location tracking for drivers and vehicles. Other additional services provided by ELDs are outlined below:

Functions Suppliers
Engine Diagnostic Encompass,  XRS,  Rand McNally, Telogis, uDrove
Back Office Dispatch KeepTruckin,  uDrove,  Big Road,  Encompass,  Peoplenet
Navigation KeepTruckin, Encompass,  Rand McNally,  uDrove,  Telogis,  TND,  Teletrac
Financial Management uDrove,  Encompass, Telogis,  Rand McNally

Some ELDs can be paired with your mobile device, which is often times preferred by truckers and fleet managers because of the user friendliness. Below is a list of ELD providers and the operating systems they support. Make sure your device is supported by the right operating system before you purchase.

Operating System Supplier
BYOD KeepTruckin, Encompass, Telogis, uDrove, XRS, Rand McNally, Big Road.
iOS KeepTruckin, UDrove, Telogis, Encompass, Rand McNally, Big Road.
Android KeepTruckin, BigRoad, uDrove, Encompass, Telogis, Big Road, XRS, Rand McNally.
Dedicated Units Omnitracs, TND 760, VDO Road Log, Teletrac.

Final verdict
Evaluating the three major factors we outlined can help you choose the right ELD and ensure that your drivers feel comfortable with the product they are using!